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Learning is fun

It’s a known fact that when a child is happy and having fun, they are more likely to be open to learn and absorb information.

Learning is effortless and easy when you’re doing something you like!

Animals are one of the best ways to open a child’s imagination, sense of care and nurture as well as curiosity about their world. At the Dick Whittington Farm Park we bring children right into a farm environment to allow them to explore, question and experience the life of animals first hand and up close.

Our animals are well cared for and chosen for a friendly disposition that is safe and suitable for proximity to children.  We handle  our animals regularly to encourage them to be confident and people friendly, giving our visitors the maximum chance to see them, touch them and interact.

Don’t be surprised if your child gets very curious and questioning during and after a visit here!

It’s quite normal to want to know ‘why a rabbit waffles its nose’, or how a cow produces so much milk. We have trained staff always on hand to help answer your questions and provide useful learning material for you and your children. We realise that many children may not even have a pet or don’t have the opportunity to get close to animals in their normal everyday life. It’s our pleasure to open the doors to learning through fun and first hand experience for you and your child.

Farming, enriching the Curriculum
There are many ways that farming can enrich the national curriculum. Some examples have been provided by DfES initiative Growing Schools and the others are through a new initiative.

We pledged our support because we firmly believe that every child should have the opportunity to visit the countryside. Every child should understand the importance of nutrition and that much learning outside the classroom can be accommodated at our farm park.

Our director has a wealth of knowledge of farming. Our livestock assistant can offer a pets encounter to enable the children to have first hand experience of handling, feeding and looking after animals.

We have paddocks where the children can plant vegetables, herbs and flowers.

All staff are first aid, fire marshal trained and CRB checked.

We have information boards containing historic information for
comparisons on farming today.

If you have a specific topic, idea, or part of the curriculum that
you wish to address with your visit, please telephone 01452-831000
and use the free teacher visit to talk to a member of staff.

We hope that by working closely with teachers we can provide a
valuable lesson and an enjoyable experience for the children that
visit, including parents and teachers accompanying them.