Opening times from 4th September 2017 to March 2018
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Call Dick Whittington on 01452 831000 for all enquiries

News & events Open daily now through to 4th September

Open during the summer period (see opening times).  

Come rain, shine or wintry weather, our indoor activity area is great for the children to 'let off steam'. 

 NEW EQUINE CENTRE – Many children are now enjoying the opportunity to have a short pony ride for just £2 per head. Call or e-mail for further details. (or Facebook page). Tel. No: 07535 – 089556. E-mail: (for bookings)


AUTUMN REVIEW – The Management have now completed the Autumn Review taking on board a wide range of comments. The results are available on Facebook and under ‘Review Results’ on the website. We thank all who have participated in the Review and the Inspector. The Management are now acting upon the recommendations.

PARENT AND TODDLER SESSIONS – Regrettably, owing to lack of support, FRIDAY morning Parent and Toddler sessions are cancelled with immediate effect.  The sessions are now moved to Sunday mornings from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

CHILDMINDER'S SPECIAL OFFER – In 2017, a childminder with a fully paying child will come in free. 

Gift Vouchers and special deals - Why not give a Gift Voucher to visit the Visitor Centre for a family?

Initial interest can be registered through the  contact us form or by telephoning the Centre.